Leisure Suit - Ann, Kremb De La Kremb

Leisure Suit - Ann, Kremb De La Kremb

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - I love it when our styles make there way around the world. Ann and her family are living in Hong Kong. They have lived all over the world. What an exciting life. I for one am glad she did a review.

Over to Ann...

I get pretty excited when a brand reaches out to me–it’s like, “Yes! I’m doing something right!” When a female entrepreneur contacts me, I get even more excited–like with this cozy loden green lounge suit/pajamas. Pauline Durban founded Covered Perfectly when she couldn’t find tops that made her feel good while wearing them. Rather than deal with too short of a sleeve or no tummy coverage, she made a clothing line to suit her needs.

She started with just tops in 2013, but since that time her line has extended to leisure suits, skirts, and even dresses. Everything in her line is made from the super cozy fabric called MicroModal–and I can attest that the fabric feels very soft. Not only that, but waking up in something presentable right away made me feel so good–basically like the line totes, I felt covered perfectly! These shots were literally taken straight out of bed. I mean look at my bedhead!!

This post gives proof that I can wake up out of bed and both feel and look pretty good. In my lovely Leisure Suit from Covered Perfectly makes me feel presentable. One, I’ve got a bralette on–that is a must. I’m too busty to go without a bra. The other is the eyelash extensions I’ve got on in these shots. They are so nice to wear–even if they wreak havoc on your eyelashes after they’re gone. (I’m in that stage now. Oh well…)

Please do go check out Pauline’s line, Covered Perfectly. And thank you for the Leisure Suit Pauline! Kremb De La Kremb followers can save 20% off 1 or 2 items by using coupon code AK20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. Or you can use the Buy 2 get the 3rd FREE Special. Only one coupon per order will work.

Happy Shopping!

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