Meet Barbie

Meet Barbie

Now for something a little different. I reached out to our models, who are also customers, and asked them to send me some pictures in their Covered Perfectly tops, along with a little bit about themselves. Be sure to scroll down to see the pictures. 
Meet Barbie...

"It was always a dream of mine as a young girl to be a model. Growing up in Canada, the fashion industry seemed like an unattainable fairytale world. So, as life would have it, I took a more conventional route choosing a teaching career, got married, and became a mother of two. 

The dream to be a model never left me, even though I felt it would never come to fruition. I felt trapped in a toxic first marriage filled with disparaging remarks about my looks and weight. Self-limiting beliefs became the norm and I developed an eating disorder and body image issues. 

Eventually, I left my marriage and remarried someone who supports and loves me fiercely, and at my worst, holds me closer.  We relocated to Los Angeles where I attempted a short-lived retirement from teaching but soon returned to the classroom.

Once I retired officially from teaching, I set to pursue my lifelong dream to be a model. Against the odds, in 2017, at the age of 57, I embraced my looks and my curves and stepped into a whole new world and launched a lifestyle modeling career.

At midlife, not a fashion industry size zero, I signed with an agency as a lifestyle model. I have worked on print jobs and commercials and some acting jobs as background in movies and TV shows.  I am also busy on social media as a brand influencer.

My advice to women in midlife is to embrace your uniqueness and love and nurture your body and mind in healthy ways. It’s a grand opportunity to take all life’s experiences and wisdom and apply them to the pursuit of new things. Who says it’s too late? Time is more precious than ever and rather than counting the years, it’s an opportunity to regroup, rewire, and inspire others along the way"! 

Thanks, Barbie, it's a great story. 

Simple Comfort Women's Tee, pink women's top, fashion for women over 60

Barbie looking pretty in pink in the #1 selling top, Simple Comfort

Animal print womens top, snow leopared top, fashion for women over 50

How can you not look amazing in the stunning snow leopard

Long sleeved womens top, longer length to cover your tummy

Is it still cold where you live? Then you need a long-sleeved top

Zippered red top, fashion for women over 60, trendy tops

Looking sexy and cool in this zippered top. Or you can zip it up

I'm sure you will agree that even in the lockdown, she looks beautiful. 

You can check out Barbie's website here

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