Meet Colleen, a contest winner turned model

Meet Colleen, a contest winner turned model

A few years ago, we ran a contest to be a model for a day at one of our photoshoots, Colleen was the winner and she's been modeling for us ever since. She does an amazing job. Thank you, Colleen, we love you. 

Meet Colleen... 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this COVID 19 crisis. It’s definitely a new norm. Trying to adjust to that.

My name is Colleen Gragnano. I am married to a wonderful man with 12 grandchildren and one great-grandson who is 11 years old.

This virus has definitely affected our lives as he lives in Arizona and we missed his 11th birthday. That was a first.

Simply stated I am like the girl next door. I have modeled for Covered Perfectly since I was 63 years old

When that happened I felt like it was like a fairytale and a dream come true. I’m basically a little shy and this made me color outside the box.

I think I am her oldest model at 67 years old now. I love the style of clothing and how comfortable they are to wear. Another great feature is I wash them in cold water and hang to dry. The tops come out perfect. Enjoy these pictures of Paulines creations.

I had my husband take them in our yard. You can see the sun dappling across the pictures. No perfect lighting here. Love and health to all.

Thank you, Colleen, we are sure glad you are part of the Covered Perfectly team!

I don't normally post full length but they are so great, I thought I would make an exception.

The black/snow leopard is one of my favorites.
How great does she look in this red zipper top? Fabulous!
The fun and flirty Fit and Flare everyone loves this style
Showing off the featured buttons for a slimming effect
I love the coordination of colors with the vest. Worn with a boat neck
The knotted bottom top is popular with our models


Modal Collection - The Basics - Jackets and Vests - New Arrivals - On Sale
Complete Collection - Leisure Suits/Leggings - Long Sleeves - Petites

Thank you for being part of my journey

Happy Shopping


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