Meet the beautiful Dana

Meet the beautiful Dana

Dana and I met through a mutual friend and had an instant connection. She is amazing, with has a warm, funny sense of humor and a heart of gold. Dana is beautiful inside and out.

To see her with her daughter is an absolute delight. She is an incredible mother. It has been a pleasure for me to watch her daughter grow into a wonderful young woman.
Dana has been really supportive to me throughout my journey with Covered Perfectly and has not missed a photoshoot for which I’m truly grateful. She always looks so fabulous as I’m sure you will agree.  
Meet Dana, here’s what she had to say...
I’ve known and loved Pauline for eleven years now. When she told me she was thinking of designing tops to flatter women over 40 covering arms but accentuating not hiding the positive, I said “ Girl! If you conquer that you will conquer women’s hearts everywhere!” And she did!
I am a wife and mom to a teenage daughter and an office manager for an investment firm in Santa Monica, CA. Covered Perfectly designs are perfect for a day at the office, an evening out with the hubby or a family event.

Being 5’2 in height I am absolutely loving the new petite sizes! The length is flattering and the fit so comfortable!
I have been honored and delighted to model for Pauline’s website and to be in the company of a great group of smart fabulous women.

Thank you, Dana, for your kind words, and I'm grateful that you are part of the group of smart fabulous women.

Petite sizing women's tee, simple comfort woman's top While Dana has always worn the tops, she loves the Petite Sizing
white cold shoulder top, made in America from Micro Modal That pop of skin of Dana in the cold shoulder top is so cute
Black cold shoulder womens top Micro Modal top, Made in America Then there's the cold shoulder in black, she loves this top
white v-neck, white womens top, made in America This is Dana in the regular length Simple V. Still beautiful!

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Thank you for being part of my journey

Happy Shopping


Founder and President of Covered Perfectly
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