Note From Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly. I love the way Nicole always thinks outside the box when styling her outfits. This one is no different. She does things that I wouldn't dream of doing. The art of a true stylist. See what she has done with this cute top.

Over to Nicole...


Last week Pauline the founder of Covered Perfectly sent me an email that their new collection is out. I immediately clicked the link to check it out.

When you are a regular reader you know, I am a big fan of their comfortable clothing because their pieces are designed to flatter women in midlife and beyond and are incredibly chic and of great quality.

In menopause, even when you were lucky to stay the same weight, it seems like the “meat” floated around to find a more comfortable place to sit and annoy you. Is it gravity? Hormones? Or just a non-appreciated beauty?

Whatever! As a matter of fact, to look our best, clothes have to be cut for the body we have, not the body we had or the body we wish we would have (but never had anyhow). for the body you have right now to look your best.


Top c/o Covered Perfectly styled for work with own GNW tight, Jimmy Choo shearling boots, Oliveo striped leather skirt, no brand oblong floral print silk scarf, statement necklace, Hermes collier de Chien bangle, self-made cuff.

Great style starts with figure-flattering clothes

When you take a critical look at their collection you will discover that their collection has

  • tunics cut are long enough to cover your tummy, wide hips or a sagging bum

  • tops that camouflage love-handles

  • tops with vertical lines to draw the eye up and down which gives the illusion of a slim and tall look (being petite I love that)

  • tops with ¾ length sleeves to cover your arms (my favorite sleeve length)

  • thin fabrics to avoid bulk and allow layering

  • skirts and dresses that flatter our new curves by hugging them at the right places and floating over the rest

The pieces have trendy colors and prints – recall animal print is It this summer. Tops have interesting necklines to feature your collarbone (so sexy) or cleavage. These clothing are not your daughter’s clothes or Old Lady clothes. They look Modern and Hip and just right now.



Photo to demonstrate the length with arms up and that you can do a stylish half-tuck with this flattering A-line insert top c/o Covered Perfectly

Micro Modal fabric is comfort clothing when the hot flash strikes

Most of their tops are made of Micro Modal. This fabric is not only thin and hence great for layering, but also breathable. This characteristic allows sweat and heat to escape when you have a hot flash. A non-breathable fabric would just get wet, suppress heat exchange. The following shivering would not only be due to the hormone change, but also because of the cooling from the wet fabric.

Call this a recipe for catching a cold. Who needs that. Therefore, MicroModal an ideal fabric for midlife women. It keeps us comfortable. I also love its luxurious, super-soft feel and look. The fabric doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin which many other fabrics do.


Back view of a casual office look to show how the half-tuck looks on the back

Why I chose an A-line top with inserts

Like an A-line skirt is flattering on mostly everyone an A-line top is great for all body types too. I liked the insert as it brightens up a black top. They offer the insert in red, mad and aqua. I choose aqua as it goes with many pieces I already own. Well, aqua looks professional at the office, as does malt.

Aqua also is also great for a summer weekend look or vacation. This means this top can be a real workhorse in my summer wardrobe. The styling inspirations in this post, show already two examples of the wide range of options, namely how to wear the insert Tee for workout and how to wear the insert top at the office.


Photo to demonstrate the length of the black and aqua insert T-shirt c/o Covered Perfectly. In this example, I styled it for a workout with own dance shoes and leggings c/o FiShe Wear

Don’t be surprised

In the photo of the piece in the collection, you’ll see that the insert is a bit shorter than the black parts (see also photos in this post). This feature creates a nice interesting hemline, so everybody understands why you wear your T-shirt untucked. 😉 When you enlarge the photo on their site or look at mine below, you also recognize that the inserted part flows nicely.


Zoom-in on the pop of color fabric to show the nice drapey flow and the interesting hemline I hadn’t spent a thought on how to create this beautiful flow at all. Thus, when the package arrived I was like why is this insert not sewn in on a plain line? Is this a flaw? Sloppy sewing? No, it’s not!!! On the contrary, it’s excellent craftsmanship. According to my sewing book, to create a nice flow, you have to do it right this way. Any more ruffling of the fabric would cause bulk, less wouldn’t create the nice flowy drape. You need skilled personal, not a beginner, to obtain such a detail.

For best fit always take your measurements

Don’t ignore your changing body. In midlife, you can have the same weight, but your measures change. Those of you who gave birth may remember that only a few of the clothes that you wore prior to your pregnancy fit after you got rid of your baby weight gain. In plain English, having the same weight doesn’t mean you still have the same size in everything. So measure always before you order!

Check their size chart, there's one on the details page of every item! Always take your measurements before ordering online. Size is just a number, the fit is everything for looking your best. #agelesstyle I ordered a size S. In an A-line top, the fit of the shoulders is key. It’s a perfect fit (see the photo of me on the bar below).

Nichole-7Demonstrating the great fit in the shoulders and
slimming effect of the vertical lines

Price-performance ratio

The price is $49.95. Since

  1. one can wear black year-round,

  2. the top is versatile for layering and alone,

  3. one can wear it at the office and weekend, and

  4. it’s easy to style and care for, one will get a lot of wear out of it.

This means the price-per-wear will get easily under a dollar over the lifetime of the item in your closet. When you are a regular reader, you know that this is my criterion for giving the piece a thumbs up. It’s what I call a great deal

View to show the length of the piece when the arms are up

Like with all my other pieces from Covered Perfectly I can recommend this insert top without any reservations to my friends. I would buy it for myself. You can buy it at their online store. It’s hard to pick just one piece from this great collection. Therefore you will love the “Buy two and get the third free” offer.


Another view of the office look with half-tuck Some of you may like to hear that this asymmetric t-shirt is made in America. The Covered Perfectly A-line insert top, in a nutshell, The flattering classic black A-line top with insert is well crafted from super-soft, luxurious looking breathable micro-modal fabric at an affordable price.

It is cut with the body of midlife women in mind making it a perfect fit for all kinds of dressing situations. Browse their new collection now.

There is a special where if you buy 2 you get the 3rd FREE any combination, sitewide.

To check out Covered Perfectly - click here

Happy Shopping

Disclosure: This A-line insert-top is a sample of my choice from Covered Perfectly. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and all opinions are my own and 100% honest. This post contains affiliate links.

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