Studying the Basics - by Susan from susanafter60

Studying the Basics - by Susan from susanafter60

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - what can I say about Susan that I haven't said before. She has done many reviews for us and each one creates a buying frenzy from her loyal followers. This one is no different. Check out her tips on how to wear basic tops.

Over to Susan...

Today I am sharing the first post in what will be a long-running series. Each week, I will discuss one of several items that are considered classic basics and will show at least three ways to wear the piece. I will also share some things to look for in wearability and fit.


The basics include pieces we may already have in our wardrobes. Elements such as T-shirts, a denim jacket, jeans, a cardigan sweater, dressy slacks, and maybe a blazer can be used to create numerous good looking outfits.

Accessories such as belts, scarves, and bags can pull together these pieces and make them appropriate for many occasions.


I wear a knit top (my version of a T) or a tank almost every day. The fabric is perfect for layering over and gives me a workable foundation to build on. Sometimes the top provides a pop of color, other times it is the same color as my pants to create a column of color.

I am wearing dark denim pull-on jeans by Liverpool Jeans Co. from last year. These jeans are a great choice because the wide flat waistband looks much better under smooth tops. This relaxed, casual look is one that I enjoy wearing whenever the weather allows. Double denim can work if we vary the depth of the colors.


I wear these comfortable tops from Covered Perfectly (here) several times per week. They get high marks from me because they are the best first layer I’ve found. They are soft, supple and not at all bulky.

The feminine neckline is perfect for my face shape and so much more elegant than a T-shirt. The fact that these tops are a little longer than most Ts means that I can easily layer shorter jackets over them to give the illusion of being more slender than I am.

I often add a belt to define the waist when I layer over a longer top. I am five feet, six inches tall and I mostly wear flat shoes now.

When I shop with Covered Perfectly, I always buy two tops because the third one is free. Free! Last month I bought three styles in red. The style I am wearing in these photos is here.

They are available in several colors and also with other necklines. Watch for my next post. I will show you how I wear the same top in a work-appropriate, professional look.

I model for and wear Covered Perfectly tops often.

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