What to Wear For The Square Shaped Body - by Pauline Durban

What to Wear For The Square Shaped Body - by Pauline Durban

The square/rectangle body shape also known as the athletic body.
What is a square body shape?

  • Your shoulders and hips are often the same widths

  • Your waist is not well defined

  • You don’t have a curvy body

  • Your weight is distributed evenly throughout your body

One of the main goals for this body shape is to add curves to your body.

This can be done with volume and featuring your neck and bust area. Scoop necks work well for you and the Fit and Flare is a great style as it flares from the waist to take your eyes down.

This combination of colors will give you more shape and
help define your waist

Layering is also good as it will add more dimensions. Creating lines with a vest that also gives a slimming effect. Who doesn't love that!

You can close the vest or leave it open to create even more lines
My friend/model, Maria is a square shape and this top totally disguises it by taking your eyes away from the waist

Offering loose sleeves, slimming V-neck and layer without the bulk
The gathering on this design will create emphasis on the top of your body, flowing over your waist area. to create more curves.

The perfect drape to cover the tummy, while emphasizing your assets
Another idea is to wear a belt, make it a dark one and preferably thin. Of course, that's not always possible for those of us who want to hide our tummy area and muffin top. A-line skirts can also help give your body more shape.
These are just suggestions, of course, you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
Thank you for being part of my journey

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