V-Neck Fit and Flare - Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

V-Neck Fit and Flare - Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - Ginger is a stylist so she knows a few things about fashion. Especially what works for her. With her beautiful red hair, the teal works really well. Be sure to check out the various ways she has styled the Fit and Flare.

Over to Ginger...

These days ask any woman what her #1 requirement is for any item of clothing she purchases and she’ll tell you it’s comfort. That’s one of the things I love about Covered Perfectly tops. They are so soft and cozy you’ll want to wear them all the time. And, the benefit of wearing their tops doesn’t end there. Take the V-neck Fit & Flare top, for instance.

It feels as yummy as pajamas and yet look at it! It skims your body and follows your curves. It’s especially great for women who have fullness in their hips because it doesn’t cling and floats over the hip and thighs.
It looks great with a fun necklace and, because it covers my backside, I feel comfortable wearing it with leggings. I also found that for a little extra waist enhancement it is easy to add a belt without feeling bulky. In completing the outfit I could have worn about 5 different necklaces I own because everything looks great in the beautiful v-neckline, but I settled on one of my favorites. The size of the necklace balances nicely with the size of the belt and the outfit feels balanced.

Because this top is lightweight and not bulky I could also pair it with my fun wide-legged pants.

Even with those pants, the top can be worn in several different ways. In one outfit I added a necklace in the same colors as the pants to draw the print to the top and in the other, I added a belt with a touch of the same teal as the top and paired it with a pair of earrings in the same size and with the same texture as the belt buckle and the print of the pants—tying everything together.

This top is easily one of the most versatile (and comfortable!) in my closet.

And because the top is so versatile if you look good in all the colors available, get them all. There are so many different ways you can style them that no one would ever know you’re wearing the same top (unless you tell them and of course you’ll want to share!).

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Happy Shopping!

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